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Welcome to, all inclusive, Windows 2000, One Plan Hosting provider! We offer you a full-featured, cost-effective hosting plan as low as $10.00 per month.

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Domain Name Registration

You can trust Superzone's experience as registration service to safeguard your domain name.

Reserve your name for a one-time $10.00 fee. No additional monthly charges, no hidden costs.

Once registered, your name is Reserved and Secure for your future use. You may use, move or sell your domain as you wish.

Your Domain Name Registration Process

Your domain name request will be submitted electronically to Network Solutions within minutes to assure it's availability. Your application will complete the entire Network Solutions registration process in less than 24 hours.

You will receive a Free "Under Construction" web site within 24 hours of registration.

This free web site enables you to meet the necessary Network Solutions "active" domain name requirements. You may use this web site as long as you wish.

Once we register your domain, you own it! You may move your domain to another provider, or sell your domain to another company, without charge.

Reserve Your Name Now

Domain Names are portable. Once you have registered your name, you may easily move it to which ever Internet Service Provider you choose. There is no additional charge when you wish to move an existing Domain Name either to, or from, our service.

** Note: we can also move an existing domain name to our Web servers.

Have questions? E-Mail to Superzone Domain Name Registration Center We guarantee you'll get an answer.

To have Superzone immediately reserve your domain name click below:

Online Domain Registration Form

Domain Name is Running Out...

Superzone charges a one time domain name processing fee of $ 10.00.

You will be billed additionally and separately by Network Solutions for the first two years registration fee of $ 35.00 per year ($ 75.00). By paying the Network Solutions fees yourself, directly to Network Solutions, you are assured of name ownership belonging to you. Once we register your domain, you own it!

If your name is available, we recommend you register it as soon as possible.

If your first choice is not available, you should consider another version of your company or product's name.

If you don't stake your claim today, there's a good chance someone else will register your name, making it forever unavailable to you.

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